Thursday, January 2, 2014

Down and Dirty on New Years! ...not really...

Happy New Year!!!

New Years Eve over at the HHnC household was pretty tame.  Monster is at the tail end of bronchitis and I am just now starting to get over a nasty cold/sinus infection/never ending asthma attack.

The majority of the evening was spent playing board games.

My cards from Apples to Apples
Some advice, if you're a female and know NOTHING about sports DO NOT PLAY "Battle of the Sexes."  The ladies totally got owned because of the non stop sports questions.  And since Hubs is an awesome hubby and buys me all kinds of pretty things he knows a lot about purses, shoes, and makeup.  However, he got so many answers right I'm starting to wonder if he's got a little gay in him.  Hahaha, just kidding.

Since I was banned from drinking (due to the high amount of steroids I'm currently being forced to take) I had to make sure that everyone drank enough for me.

My momma and two of my favorites doing a shot for me!
The kids had sparkling grape juice in wine cups.

They were super excited...  Bug was saying a few things like:

"I wanna get drunk on wine like momma!"

Hubs and Bug
 "Drink all the wine!"

So yea, I don't know if it's "okay" that I laugh and dismiss this behavior.  I'm thinking, right now, that  I shouldn't make too big a deal out if it or she will actually WANT to drink the wine.  Rather than just say it to make everyone laugh. 

By the time midnight came around all the adults were blitzed and the kids were swinging from the ceilings fans!  ...Not really, the adults were dead tired.  By 12:15 the kids were packed in the living room in their sleeping bags and the adults took themselves to bed.

This was honestly one of my favorite New Years Eves.  I enjoyed having my parents, family, and close friends around.  The only thing I would have done differently is I wish I wouldn't have been so sick so I could have had a few other friends over.  There is always next year though! :)

My mom and sister from my sister's instagram.  Probably my most favorite picture of the night!!!


  1. I think the fact that your daughter said that is HILARIOUS! Granted, this is coming from the youth minister who let the high school students play water pong at a lock-in. ... and then they taught the jr. high kids how to play too. But it was fun and it was just water so it's okay... right?

    1. Oh yea! It's all in good fun! I taught Sunday School to the high school students and I used to let them do all kinds of fun things. Is it damaging their health or morals? Nope! :)

  2. Your mom and sister are cute! Ugh- I feel your pain right now! I woke up, with this cold thing and it is seriously started to really kick my butt!
    Looks like you had a nice New Years, even though you didn't feel your best!

    1. Thanks Haley. :) Waking up with colds is the worst! We should wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day... Hahaha, even when I'm not sick that doesn't happen! LOL.

  3. Get well! You still had a blast new years eve which is good. Enjoy the experience with your family and friends this year and good health as well.

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