Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mommy Confessions - Co Sleeping

I'm going to make a confession.

I don't like co-sleeping with my girls.

I know, I know, "They will only be little once!  Take advantage of it while you can!"  Here is the thing, I love cuddling up with their little bodies and peacefully drifting off to sleep.  But sometime during the night those peaceful little angels turn into crazy killer ninjas that Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon all over my Queen sized bed! 

In addition to the martial arts reenactment is a soundtrack of snores and awful teeth grinding!  Monster and Hubs both snore outrageously loud!  Monster's is so bad that we have a sleep study later this year to see if she might need her tonsils removed.  The melody of the snoring could almost be bearable if it wasn't for the teeth grinding that Bug does.  It's probably one of the worst sounds to wake up to!  My eyes start twitching, my ears feel like their bleeding and I go and shove my hand in her mouth to make the horrid noise stop!  I am counting down until the dental follow up in April!  Bug is getting a mouth guard!


As if bitten hands and a bloody nose (poor Hubs) aren't enough I sometimes wake up to a random boob rubbing!  When this happens I think I need to smack Hubs and say "Sleepy time!  Not sexy time!" But it turns out he's on the other side of the bed and the Monster is the fondle and she does it in her sleep!  (She has a thing where she loves to suck her thumb and rub on skin.)  Ugh, my breastfeeding days are over!  My boobies have returned to being fun bag status!!  Little girls don't touch them any more!

All this was enough to finally have Hubs and I tell the girls, "Sleep in your own beds!"  Their pitiful cries made us soften up a little so that when they asked "Can we sleep in each others' bed?" We caved and said "Yes."  The peaceful nights of sleep were very much welcomed and I thought "This is something I can get used to."  But now Bug is getting to a point where she wants privacy.  Here is a conversation I heard between the girls.

Bug: "I'm sleeping in my own bed tonight."

Monster: "Okay, I will sleep in your bed too."

Bug: "I want to sleep by myself."

Monster: "Why? Are you mad at me?"

Bug: "I just want to!"

Monster: "What did I do?  Why are you mad at me?"

Hearing Monster's feeling be hurt is so heartbreaking!  I cant' be mad at Bug, she's eight, she wants her own time and space and it's not her responsibility to make Monster feel secure... that's mine and Hubs.  So I have to work on Monster feeling comfortable enough to sleep in her own bed solo.  I don't know when I will do it...because Bug gave in and slept in Monster's bed last night...  But I will do it soon.  Just not tonight

 ...and probably not tomorrow.  Maybe Monday.


  1. That is too funny Ali! I could never sleep with my kids in the bed with me either. They would always wind up turning horizontal and kick me in the ribs all night. I was guilty of lying in bed with my son until he fell asleep because he was afraid of the dark. Parenting can be rough. :)

  2. It seems like there is a lot of controversy about the whole co-sleeping thing... but for me I value those hours of blissful sleep so much I can't imagine allowing a child to interrupt it. We'll see how I feel once Baby Boy comes along though. ;-)

    PS - I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog yesterday! :-)

  3. LOL I can understand how you would want private sleeping time! It sounds wild! My reasons for not wanting to co-sleep are a little different.. I'm scared to death of suffocation, etc. Even though I sleep in one position ALL night and when a child is around, I practically have one eye open.. I have just heard to many horror stories (a close friend included). It sucks being a worry wart! Oh and I would start slapping in my sleep if my boobs got rubbed during sleepy time-- that wouldn't be nice of me to slap my child, thinking it was my Hubs LOL! Thanks for linking up, this was awesome!