Monday, March 24, 2014

It's not just young boys!

We often hear about boys that get caught looking at boobs in amazment...  Let me just say that it's not just boys!  This weekend I went and to dinner with Stephanie, S, and the kiddos.  Steph was wearing a blazer with this banging corset which enhanced her even banging-er (it's a word lol) boobies!  It got hot in the restaurant (Hibachi) and she removed her blazer.  Bug straight up pulled one of these...


Her mouth dropped open, she lifted her hand, pointed her finger, and started to say something until I threw my hand over her mouth.

Me: "It's not polite to stare."
Bug: ::mumbling about big boobs with my hand over her mouth::
Me: "Stop.  Yes, I know Miss Stephanie has big boobs.  But we still do not stare."  ::remove my hand from Bug's mouth::
Bug: ::whispering:: "But mommy, they are so biiiiiggggg!!!"
Me: ::sigh:: "Yes, I know.  Now stop!"

It was totally embarrassing!  We were sitting at the Hibachi with strangers who were quietly giggling.  Thankfully Stephanie is a good friend and she laughed it all off.  For real though, I'm not gonna lie, S and I totally checked her out too!  We just weren't obvious!

Hell yea we do!
So, yes, it's not just young boys that stare at boobs.  It's everyone!  Even straight women!  Now the question is, what do you do whenever you catch your kid staring!?


  1. Awww! It's actually kind of cute and I think you handled it well. It's just something that we are all going to have to deal with! Luckily your friend was kind about it :) There's no manual that prepares Mommies about situations like that :)

    1. I never thought my daughter would straight out point someone out! But she did! I'm just totally thankful it was a friend and not a stranger. That would have been totally awkward!