Tuesday, April 1, 2014

School Puberty Talks

Last week J and I took Bug and Pill (Bug's bestie/J's daughter) to their school's "Girls Night Out".  "Girl's Night Out" was for female students grades 3rd - 5th and an adult female (mom, aunt, grandma, sister, etc) to listen to a talk about the upcoming changes in the young girl's bodies and emotions.  Concluding the talk there would be crafting and zumba.  

The school counselor (a woman) did the majority of the talking at the event.  She explained how puberty starts in the brain, sending a signal throughout the body to start the changes.  She got down to the nitty gritty explaining painful, developing breast, vaginal discharge, crazy hormones, etc.  She even gave us moms/grandmas/aunts a pep talk about how to prepare for the upcoming  hormonal changes.  Afterwards there was a cheesy 1990s video that explained how to put on a pad. 

It sounds so awkward, and it was a little bit, but it was really so great because it was all laid out there and the counselor did an AWESOME job of making everyone feel comfortable and relaxed.  I give her mad kudos!  I hope every school has a counselor like her!

Following the talk and video the paper was put out on the tables and the students could write down any questions they had.  The counselor would pick the up and answer them out loud just in case anyone else was thinking the same thing, but just too embarrassed to ask.  The questions were pretty simple, the most challenging one for her to answer was explaining WHY periods were needed.  She just said "A period is our bodies way of telling us that we can have babies."  She didn't go into any further detail than that, which I'm grateful for.  Bug wanted to ask "Why do we need armpit hair?"  But she didn't get to give it to the counselor.  When I saw it all I said to her was, "We don't need it.  That's why mommy shaves it off every morning."Yea, probably not the right answer, but I am ill equipped for these kind of conversations!

At the conclusion of the talk the event was broken into to two groups.  One would do the craft and the other would zumba.  After 20 minutes the groups would switch.  The craft was making a picture frame together.  It was a really cute, simple craft.  While the craft was going on the students were called out with their mom/grandma/aunt to take a picture to put in the frame.  I really liked the way that zumba was incorporated zumba into the event.  The teacher/zumba instructor explained the importance of staying active.  The movements the teacher used was really basic so everyone could participate in it.  Bug had a good time!  She wants to take a zumba class, which is great because there is a kid one at my gym and we have it on the XBox so she can do it with me!

Leaving the event the counselor said that there would be a bag for the girls to take home and a calendar for them to use so they can track their periods.

Bug: "Mommy!  Don't forget to remind me to get a calendar!"
Me: "Why do you need a calendar?  To track your imaginary period!?"
Bug: "YES!"


Apparently she wasn't the only one because Pill was saying the same thing to J.  Oh, and what was in the bag?  Pads!  The girls were so excited to get pads...  I don't know why.  They are weird! 

Walking back to the vehicle J and I talked about how impressed we were with the event.  She said "That was pretty good!  I remember back in my day the boys got to go have a pizza party while we had to go learn about tampons!"


All the way home the girls were talking about periods and pads while waving around their "period bags."  The winning conversation goes to Pill for sure!

Pill: "Do boys have to wear pads?"
J: "No.  They-"
Pill: "No, they can't, because it would get in the way of their candy sticks."
Me: "WHAT!?"  ::laughter::
Pill: "Ugh! I meant their candy canes!"
Me: ::still laughing while half apologizing to J for not being able to stop the laughter::

Within the following days I was telling the guys at work about the "puberty meeting" and how great it went.  Turns out that none of their children's schools were doing anything like that.  I feel very lucky to have Bug and Monster in a school that took interest in educating the kids and making it fun.  Does anyone else have children in a school that does something like this?  

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  1. Hi Ali! My son is in 5th grade and they're going to be having "puberty week" next week at his school. Parents are invited a few days this week to go and see the videos that they'll be shown, but I'm going to pass. I'm still thinking about how to talk with my son about all the changes he'll be going through. I have no idea what to tell him. I might have to defer this one to his dad.